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Ali Ibrahim Karim

As one of 11 boys, Karim’s life in Ghana changed dramatically after his mother passed away. He was just eight years old. He went to live with an uncle and his conscientious studying paid off with a scholarship to the University of Damascus. Ever since he was a teenager in Ghana in the early 1970’s, Ali Karim was fascinated by the United States. But it would be another 40 years, into his late 50’s and over thousands of miles traveled all over the world before he would make it to the U.S. and become a citizen. His journey to the U.S. took him to Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iran, China and Japan before finally arriving in 2004. Six years later, he met the “amazing 1199 member” who would become his wife. She encouraged him to get a job at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. He started as a housekeeper and studied to become a Patient Care Associate. Since working at Mt. Sinai, he has committed himself to providing empathic care to all he comes into contact with patients, families and co-workers. He began to involve himself with art coloring while taking care of a patient who was on a one-to-one on the KP4 Women’s Health unit and he recently displayed his work at the GYN Ovarian Cancer fair in September of 2018 and 2019.He started writing poetry sonn after that and to date, he has written five poerty books including this one.