C# Programming Illustrated Guide For Beginners & Intermediates: The Future Is Here! Learning By Doing Approach

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About the author

William Sullivan

William Sullivan has over 25 + years experience in the field of software/programming. He was born in 1978 in Seattle, Washington. He's worked for many leading USA and international based companies where he's brought on board his talents, highly desirable skill sets, creativity and innovation.

From humble beginnings William Sullivan worked his way up the corporate ladder to becoming an influential programmer. He was an only child and had a single parent mom, who always encouraged him to pursue higher education and a better life. They lived pay cheque to pay cheque, she worked over time and erratic shifts. His mother always made sure he had the necessities of life such as food, clothing , and shelter.

William was always fascinated with technology building computers from scratch, programming, etc. His mother did everything she could to satisfy his insatiable curiosity by buying him books on software, programming, hardware and almost anything that related to computer technology.

He states reading in his leisure time with the resources provided from his mother's very limited income was really the foundational corner stone that brought him the success he has today. He majored in computer science and was granted a full academic scholarship and graduated with honors.

He has now since then moved to California and is married with three children. He works various high paying jobs on contract basis, and writes in his free time. He loves to travel, taste different cuisines and experience different cultures. He's gracious for the life changing opportunities he's received and wants to give back through writing books that are affordable for anybody interested in becoming more tech-savvy.