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Simon Chapple

About Simon Chapple 
For over two decades, Simon Chapple was a heavy drinker, enduring daily hangovers, carrying out regretful behaviour, and suffering from a lack of motivation. Somehow, he still managed to build a successful business and run 15 marathons, but he was never truly happy and didn't feel like he was anywhere near the best version of himself. He knew something was missing in his life but he couldn't put his finger on exactly what it was. Finally, it came to him: his love affair with red wine had become toxic and was no longer serving him in a positive way.

This was the first of many steps towards finding the key to unlock a life of freedom from alcohol. By the end of it, he'd found complete peace, happiness, and joy for the first time since he was a child.

Because the changes Simon experienced were so life-changing, it became his mission to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol, and more importantly, the benefits an alcohol-free life can bring.

Simon is the founder of Be Sober, one of the largest and fastest-growing online 'quit drinking' communities in the world. If you haven't already joined the Be Sober movement you can do so for free right now by visiting

Simon is also a certified alcohol coach and has helped thousands of people explore and change their relationship with alcohol for the long term. He's spoken at live events to help educate and inspire people who are wondering what a life without alcohol might look like for them.

He's written The Sober Survival Guide book to help anyone who's concerned about their own relationship with alcohol, and thinking about making a change. To do this he's drawn on his considerable life experience, and the experiences of those he's helped, in order to provide real-world advice and tactics that can be used to make a positive change.