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C.E.A. Forster

C. E. A. Forster, is a pen name and an anagram of Foster Care. The purpose of my writing with a pen name, as I hope you can appreciate, is to protect not just my identity but the identities of all the children I have cared for and will refer to. The book is factual, but all names have been changed. I live in the UK. Aside from fostering, I live a fairly normal life. I go out to work, I pay a mortgage, I do all the fun but sometimes mundane things that most of us do day in day out. I never would have imagined that I could have written a book and I suspect that this is a one off so please just enjoy it. This book was originally written for my own benefit, so that in my old age I would never forget the love and the laughter that being a foster carer has brought to me. I simply want to share it with you.