Lightning In A Search Engine

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Andrew Wetzler

Andrew Wetzler has been involved in Sales and Marketing since 1983.

His first sales experience was during college when he started a business selling coupon book ads to businesses in New Orleans while attending Tulane University.

After graduation, he went to work in the field of Numismatics and spent the next few years selling rare gold and silver coins to collectors via advertisements in the WSJ and Tele-Sales.

Next, he wrote a course on establishing an effective inside sales operation for the American Management Association and taught it for seven years in the mid-nineties, while concurrently consulting and training organizations on those same topics.

In 1999, sensing that the Internet was a game / life changing technology, Andrew began experimenting with Search Engine Optimization and gauging interest among his current clients. Shortly thereafter, he co-founded MoreVisibility with Dennis Pushkin.

2019 marks MoreVisibility’s 20th anniversary. The company continues to be recognized as industry leaders in Search, Interactive Marketing, Analytics, Social Media and Design / Development.

Andrew writes and speaks broadly on Digital Marketing and has a particular focus on the nuances of B2B and Manufacturing organizations that are committed to re-aligning their internal Sales and Marketing teams to fully leverage the opportunities that Digital presents.