The Faces of Krampus

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Joe Moore

The Christmas Author, Joe Moore He is known as “The Christmas Author”, though his real name is Joe (Joseph) Moore. A professional Santa Claus for more than 14 years, he has taken his experiences, along with all the stories he has spun for children, and developed an entire line of books for the whole family. Moore wrote the Santa's Elf Series© for first readers up to third grade. This collection of books  introduces some of the more important elves of the North Pole and their responsibilities. Written in rhyme, and brilliantly illustrated, each book contains a unique message from Santa, himself, about how to stay on his Nice List. Moore also wrote “The Santa Claus Trilogy” a set of three novels that takes you to the North Pole and explains how it evolved along with Santa's legendary abilities. In much the same way C.S. Lewis takes you to Narnia, or J.R.R. Tolkien takes you to Middle-Earth, Moore explains how the North Pole came to be, and then brings adventures from this magical land for your reading enjoyment. His latest offering talks about another Christmastime legend, Krampus, or Black Peter as known in many lands. This delightful story explains that Krampus is not the evil being everyone makes him out to be. This book is written (and illustrated by his wife, the Christmas Illustrator, Mary Moore) for teen and young adult readers, but is enjoyed by all ages. The Many Faces of Krampus is available September, 2017. Moore also has written a short story about Santa's Incredible, Famous, Flying Reindeer, in which he explains how each of the reindeer got their names and why they are in the order they are on the sleigh. He further explains how they really fly, and what causes the red nose on his FOUR red-nosed reindeer! Moore plans other books for young adults and up, revolving around particular characters of interest from the Pole, including the story of Aeon Millennium, the Time Traveling Elf (2018). Joe and his wife, Mary, spend all year with images of the North Pole and its magical occupants in their heads. Mary draws the pictures from Joe's musings and developed characters. They invite all the young, and young-at-heart, to come to a place where magic always abounds.