Wild Heart of the Seas - Give No Quarter

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About the author

Jem Richards


​​I enjoy writing to express my creativity. I'm usually an active person who enjoys nature and outdoor activities. I also enjoy various crafts. There's something about seeing my works results that is very satisfying to me.

​Digital art is another favorite hobby of mine! It's fun to explore and create art of various types. When I write a book, I create and design my own covers, it's like seeing my own story come to life through imagery!

I have two daughters that are my inspiration and the loves of my life! I live in the state of Washington. I know it's the rainy state, but it has a bit of everything nature has to offer, well except for desert of course. We have beautiful mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, beaches, national forests, and so much more!

I enjoy all things of nature, finding peace and joy in God's great creations! There's serenity to find among nature; whether it's hiking on trails, visiting water falls or hot springs, a trip to the beach to walk along and view the vast ocean, or to stand among the trees and creatures of the forest!