Murder@ the Black Mesa Dance

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Marty Knox

I’m Marty Knox, a. retired math teacher and computer science instructor, BSBA, MED Math. Lived in Arizona for thirty-eight years. I dwell in a small town in Missouri (pop. 600+) in the spring; summer, fall, & alternate a winter visit to Arizona.

I’ve worked as a graphic artist, photographer, web designer, programmer, typesetter, technical writer, & illustrator. My publishing background is in newspaper & book publishing, acquisitions, editing, advertising, marketing, and sales. Ruben Donnelly. Cox Newspapers, Carter Art Service, a Math & Science College textbook publisher, and a Satellite Electronic offshoot of Motorola.

I taught Computer Science, Math, ESL, & GED at Arizona Community Colleges on the Pima, Navajo, and Hopi Rez, & the High School Math Department Chair on the Apache Rez.

I’m a member of professional writing groups: SINC, Sleuths Ink, and Joplin Writers Guild. Also a member of AEA and NEA.

Contact me for a reader ARC copy of future books in the series:

Murder@ the Black Mesa Salon Book 2

Murder@ the Black Mesa Dance Book 3

Murder@ the Black Mesa Mailbox Book 4

If you are interested in my ideas for upcoming books you can follow me on my storyboards

If you have questions about Arizona, or the Minerva Doyle Mystery Series I’ll answer them on my blog.