Ancient of Genes

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Dan Gallagher

Dan graduated from Virginia Military Institute (1981), third among Economics majors, simultaneously completing the Modern Languages curriculum. He served in the Infantry, then as a reservist in a Special Forces support role, next as a Training Company Commander and later in a classified Army Research Institute role. Dan completed his Master of Business Administration at William & Mary (1986). He and wife Laura married in 1988, loved raising their four children, and assisted both Boy and Girl Scouting through their church from 2000 to 2010. Dan was a nationally recognized Financial Planner from 1987 through 2017. Since 1992, Dan has also been royalty published in both fiction and nonfiction in the form of full-length books, essays, articles, and short stories: humor, business, financial & pension articles, appearing in Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Financial & Estate Planning, Creative Loafing and Charlotte Ventures. Now retired, Dan's The Secrets of Successful financial Planning was published by Skyhorse Publishing (NY, Sep 25, 2018) to rave reviews. His 1997 novel, The Pleistocene Redemption, was revised as Ancient of Genes, fall 2021 and in Audio Theater summer 2022. Dan is the author of numerous short stories published by Superversive Press, NFAA Archery and Millhaven Press. Dan, wife-for-life Laura, and their four children now hail from Charlotte, NC. More at