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Mikey Campling

Mikey works hard at everything he does. As a teacher, he always went the extra mile to give kids the best start in life that he could. His particular passion was inspiring children to love books, and his lively readings were always popular. His proudest moment was when the parents of a young boy with Asperger's Syndrome told him that their son was asking for bedtime stories for the first time in his life.

Today, after a spell as a full-time dad, Mikey writes stories with characters you can believe in, and plots you can sink your teeth into. His style is vivid but never flowery; every word packs a punch. His stories are complex, thought-provoking, atmospheric and grounded in real life.

Mikey has always read very widely, and his work is just as varied. There are three main strands to Mikey's work:

The Downlode Heroes - An ongoing series of fast-paced sci-fi novels with plenty of action and written using USA spellings;

The Darkeningstone Books - A trilogy of novels plus a novella featuring supernatural suspense across time and set in the UK using British spellings (NB: These novels form an epic tale and are best read as a complete trilogy);

Thoughtful Horror - Short, dark stories with modern settings and a twist in the tale.

All Mikey's works have one thing in common: respect for the reader. As a writer, he takes a professional approach, and he believes very firmly that errors are unacceptable.

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