Werewolf for Hire

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Sue Denver

Did you ever want to be more than yourself? I always have. As a kid, I imagined I lived up in the clouds with a band of other kids. We would swoop down — because we could fly! — and rescue people in trouble. And we’d beat the crap out of their abusers.

When I got older, I became obsessed with crime and mysteries. I wanted to know how someone could track down evil doers and peel back their false faces — exposing them to the world.

The day I quit my corporate job — my dreams came true. Today I spend my days throwing my character, Sara Flores, at one criminal mastermind after another — just to see what she can do.

And… I cheated. I let her be more than herself by making her a werewolf — the only magical creature in a world otherwise just like ours. Because I wanted to see what she could do with a wolf’s senses and strength. And wildness.

So join me for stories of ruthless criminals, suspicious cops, and Sara’s small band of misfits fighting to save us all. Test drive my world with a free story at https://SueDenver.com.