Under the Wolf Moon

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River J. Hopkins

River J. Hopkins, bestselling author of SOMETIME AFTER MIDNIGHT: A COLLECTION OF POETRY & SHORT STORIES, now presents a world —much like our own—with hidden depths, in INTO THE FORGOTTEN FOREST. It’s a place rife with magic, curses, an ancient, brewing evil, and a prophecy that rests on the shoulders of a young woman and her twin brother.

The stories River writes are usually a mixture of genres, including fantasy, paranormal, horror, adventure, and science fiction. She writes for new adult—that weird stage between being a young adult, and full-on adulting—and adult audiences.

Beyond writing, she is also a musician, an artist, a poet, and a cyborg. River became disabled in 2014 after her third back surgery. Her surgeon implanted a Spinal Cord Stimulator to help regulate the pain from the nerve damage caused by scar tissue from her previous lower lumbar laminectomies. She is semi-ambulatory, and walks with a cane, mostly. When she needs to go somewhere that involves a lot of walking, she'll use a walker or a wheelchair instead.

Ever since she can remember, River has been fascinated with mythology, lore, and legends. For the past decade, she has researched and dreamed and worked harder than she ever thought possible to begin piecing together a rich world full of magic, and twists on some stories you thought you knew. THE OUTCROSSED SERIES is just the first in what promises to be an ever expanding fictional universe.