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About the author

Laina Lloyd

Laina Lloyd is an author whose writings have touched the hearts of many through the magical world of dreams, faeries, danger, and triumph. She has received accolades of praise from readers of all ages. Laina’s mission is to strengthen and inspire others through the written word.

Leading into Authorship, Laina was a dream counselor, helping others through workshops and classes to gain a better understanding of messages brought to the conscious mind through dreams. This resulted in her first book, a beginner’s guide for understanding dreams and visions, “Do Butterflies Dream?”.

Outside of being an author, Laina is a dance instructor and office administrator at her daughter’s dance studio. She enjoys teaching music, milling around in her garden, taking walks, and watching movies. She is also an experimental cook, magically creating recipes without dairy or grains having everyone wanting more.

Laina believes that all of us are Warriors of Light, commissioned for a special purpose in life. She believes everyone can find that purpose if they listen to the spirit and embrace the light.

Laina writes a weekly blog about her journey and experience as an author. Sign up to receive her posts at