The Truth About Spiritual Gifts

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De Fletcher

As a child, De experienced identity crisis, bullying, abuse, and death. She grew up poor in racially divided cities. As a young adult, she realized her unhappiness was rooted in her childhood. After a life-altering event, she sought out spiritual answers for living a good life.

Her self-healing journey took many years, but she turned her life around. De spent over 15 years assisting others in overcoming their own childhood or adult trauma. The real-life stories, spiritual knowledge, and experience she shares are a result of her 20-plus-year professional and spiritual journey.

De has the unique ability to blend humor, realism, and simplicity into her writing and speaking. Authors such as Black Elk, Don Miguel Ruiz, Tom Brown, Jr., Dee Brown, Vine Deloria, Jr., Wayne Dyer, John Two Hawks, and Bessel Van der Kolk inspired her to share her knowledge.

De is an independent author and professional trainer with 20 years of writing, public speaking, and coaching experience. She holds a Master of Education Degree. Her “mission” is to spark The Remembering in people and reveal the myths keeping them from discovering their true spiritual potential.
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