Song of the Ankle Rings

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About the author

Eric Alagan

At age 16, Eric Alagan grabbed an entry-level job in the aviation industry where he learned the intricacies of cleaning toilets and making lousy coffee for mechanics. He was the youngest labourer in Singapore’s fledgling aviation industry, and also the best looking. The former was a fact, and the latter was a hope. In time, he graduated to fixing airplanes and engines.

Twenty years later, he slipped into the corporate suites but kept his tool box behind his desk. It was a conversation piece—grease monkey made good. But his secret—the tool box kept him rooted. After swimming with sharks for a further twenty-plus years, he retired to pursue his passion—writing.

Eric has published fiction and non-fiction books.

Married with three adult children, Eric considers himself fortunate - the children take after his wife. His hobbies include road cycling, philately, and reading books. His wife continues to love him. Like Creation, her love remains a mystery for him.

He retains his tool box—true. Continues to brew lousy coffee—also true. He is getting balder by the day because his wife loves him. Yes, go figure. Or pose your question in the reviews and he’ll reveal the secret surrounding his thinning hair.