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Nizar Alshubaily

Nizar Alshubaily is a banker with over 30 years of experience in the banking industry, having started in Islamic Banking in its early period in the 1980s.
He trained in New York, London, and Switzerland, in such institutions as Morgan Guaranty, London Business School, and IMD Lausanne. Before returning to his native Saudi Arabia. He worked in the banking industry in The City and was the head of Al-Rajhi Investment Corporation, the international investment arm of Al-Rajhi Bank, the largest Islamic bank in the world.
Nizar has held senior banking positions in several financial centers such as London, Dubai, Bahrain, and Jeddah, with some of the largest regional and international financial institutions, such as The National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, and Deutsche Bank.
He writes commentaries on Islamic Banking in social media sites.
He is retired and lives in Dubai.