Shadow Child

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Bobbi Schemerhorn

The earliest memory I have of writing was back in grade seven. I loved making up stories and sharing them with my classmates. As I became older the writing fell to the side when I discovered drama. I pulled away from telling the story and became a character in it, no longer speaking my own words.

Fast forward to 2004-05 I began a new journey of a healthier lifestyle. I spent an hour everyday on my treadmill listening to music and staring at a very boring cement wall. With each step and beat of the drums my old joy began to return to me. A story began to form in my mind, the Guardians became my entertainment.

I told myself I could never be a writer and I stopped jotting down the ideas and stories. I went from one crappy warehouse job to another, even went back to school to study computers. Worked in the field for a year and a half, hated every minute of it and all the while I would tell Hubby that I just wanted to be a writer.

In 2012 I was laid off from that crappy job and was at a loss of what I should do next. That’s when Hubby told me to put up or shut up, shit or get off the pot as they say. Get to writing or stop talking about it!

Here we are years later and I’m writing, learning, and improving. I’m a self-published Indie Author in the fantasy genre. I love dragons, magic, immortality, and all the things that come along with it. If you do too, then stick with me. I have what you’re looking for.