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Demetra Yuvanu

Demetra Yuvanu was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Through many life experiences in Athens, Turkey, Texas, Washington State, California and North Carolina, she now calls South Carolina, USA, home.

She is a mother of two sons and grandmother of two gorgeous boys! She is a certified Nia instructor, an Ageless Grace Educator, an EFT coach, an experiential workshop facilitator and the author of two books regarding choice, focus and manifestation, principles she has studied and has been applying all her adult life.

Demetra is passionate about Nia, which was love at first step and first sound 13 plus years ago in San Diego, CA. Dancing is her medicine.

A closer look: She gets excited about all things unique. Appreciates kindness and generosity. Gets nourished by spiritual wisdom. Enjoys indie films. Aims at bypassing trivialities and getting to the core. Comes alive when she’s by the sea. Finds great fulfillment in inspiring others to open their wings and fly. Swimming is her other medicine. Gets excited refinishing and repurposing furniture that might appear useless to most. Really, really likes pistachio ice cream. Looks forward to meeting new authentic souls. Loves refrigerated figs. Loses interest quickly in superficial talk. Time stands still for her while doing yardwork.

Demetra loves engaging in juicy conversations, making warm connections, establishing unpretentious friendships and devoting herself to creative endeavors that nurture her soul. She has also self published: About Spiritual Mind Treatments: Setting the Law of Attraction in Motion; A small book for big people.