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Donovan Brooks

The first thing you should know is that I’m not Donovan Brooks. And since he won’t pretend to know what could possibly be of interest to you, I’ve been tasked by the publisher to sketch in some background. But before I do, let me just say, if you enjoyed the read, please leave a review and be sure to recommend Mind Your Manors to anyone you think may be interested.

Well then, what’s to say about Donovan Brooks? Actually, not much; very little is known about the man. DB seems to be fairly reclusive. You can’t connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media platform that I’m aware of. Donovan Brooks doesn’t have a web-page or a blog. About the only thing I can reveal beyond any mundane data point is that Brooks lives in a self-imposed exile in some far-off foreign land. And no, he’s not stuffed himself into a garret in Paris overlooking the Seine—he’s not insane (so far as I know).

I realize it’s not much, but then I don’t know anything about him either. So if you really want to know something beyond the pale about this author, contact him, tell him a little about yourself. Maybe he’ll respond to genuine curiosity or specific questions.

He can be reached through us at BabblingBooks@ProtonMail.ch