Love Me Breathless... Because Romance Never Dies (Love Poems)

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About the author

Mary-Lisa Russo

Mary-Lisa is a university graduate who majored in English Literature and continues to nurture her ongoing writing education attending various seminars.
Her latest book, "How To Create A Chic & Cozy Winter: Let's make this chilly season a serene and joyful one! Be inspired by tips on self-care, beauty & style, lifting your spirits, and achieving living space goals" is now available!
Her poetry book compilations, "Love Me Breathless... Because Romance Never Dies,"  "Excerpts From The Wandering Mind" and "The Love. The Hunger. The Fire That Forever Burns... The Glamour Gal In Love" showcases her ability to masterfully manipulate words to create a moving picture within the reader's mind. She believes words are diligent brushstrokes that touch a reader's soul, leaving a lasting imprint. 

​​​​​In November of 2022, Mary-Lisa happily released her "My Glamour Gal Journal," "My Glamour Gal Notebook," and "My Glamour Gal Christmas Holiday Journal."
She is a passionate reader and enjoys writing reviews she uploads on various platforms, (where applicable), such as her own website, as well as on Goodreads, NetGalley, TikTok and Amazon. Her home harbors a multitude of books she stores on many bookshelves and in every empty crevice she can find. (Yes, she trips over them from time to time.) Besides reading and writing, she enjoys rearranging her furniture and closet and believes living your best life involves creating a comfortable, luxurious living space that makes you happy.
Mary-Lisa is a proud Canadian with a weakness for potato chips, rose-gold fountain pens, and the scent of old, dusty books.
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