Heat: A Dark Mafia Romance

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About the author

Nicolina Martin

Nicolina Martin is a Swedish author whose passion for the written word began during her teenage years. While she is deeply influenced by Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Jodi Picoult, and many more, she doesn’t limit herself to just one genre, and dabbles in dark, steamy romance, suspense, erotica shorts, and contemporary fiction.

Nicolina enjoys singing, practicing martial arts, and gardening. She is also a music enthusiast, movie fanatic, and bibliophile. Above all, she loves spending quality time with her three beautiful daughters and three feline fur-babies.

To Nicolina, life is far too short for regrets, and she is a firm believer in looking forward no matter what to avoid repeating past mistakes. She also believes in thoroughly enjoying each and every moment as it comes because tomorrow is never guaranteed.