Dragon Rings

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About the author

Debi Ennis Binder

Debi loves sharing her tales of altruistic dragons and wild-blooded witches, unworldly ælves, mischievous sprites, and clever, magical cats. Step into one of her tales and you’ll be engulfed in a world not so different from your own in some ways and utterly unique in others—where courage and honor mean everything, and cowardice and betrayal can cost your life. Ah, but the rewards! Eternal love and unending adventures, where worlds without modern amenities are not as simple, or as challenging as you would think. Join a quest through serene and dangerous woods or find an adventure in endless, icy mountains, with strong, dedicated women and men, wielders of magic and swords, who will teach you what a friend truly is. Or an enemy. Some beings are good, some bad, many don't know what they are, and it's hard to know which is which, But one thing is certain--with the varieties of species and the worlds they live in, full of discord and harmony, love and hate, virtue and corruption, life can be breathtaking!