Breaking Locks

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About the author

Lynn M. Stout

Lynn M. Stout grew up wandering the streets of Historic Downtown Jonesboro, Tennessee where she absorbed the town’s rich history, fed her active imagination, and twisted her ankle on cobblestones.

She is an unapologetic voyeur when it comes to old houses and has an unhealthy obsession with creepy staircases. She loves research and enjoys a deep dive into old stories, especially if a ghost is involved.

She is married to her amazing and supportive husband of thirty years and is happy to report that she still likes him very much.

As a recent empty-nester, she is finding adventure in Michigan and is pleasantly surprised to find that her southern roots don't object to cooler weather at all.

She enjoys long walks with the Boxer, cuddling with her freakishly large cats, a good bottle (or two) of wine, and will continue to love Tennessee Volunteer Football no matter how bad it gets.

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