An Amish Girl in Manhattan: Escaping at Age 15, Breaking All the Rules, and Feeling Safe Again (A Memoir)

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Torah Bontrager

Torah​ Bontrager​ is the author of the memoir An Amish Girl in Manhattan:  How to Turn Your Tragedies into Assets and Set Yourself Free by Breaking All the Rules (NOW available online wherever books are sold; in print, ebook, and audio).  She escaped ​from ​the Amish at age 15 and​ became the first Amish person to graduate​​ from ​an Ivy League school:  Columbia University in New York City with a BA in Philosophy and a focus on Tibetan Buddhism.  You can find her on Facebook and

She has been featured on MTV and and hosts a weekly iTunes podcast Turning Tragedies into Triumphs:  Stories & Conversations with Torah Bontrager.


- Unconventional Life Podcast by Jules Schroeder, hosted on the Forbes Under 30 Channel.

Episode 34: From Amish-Escapee to Author:  How to Powerfully Leverage Your Personal Story 


the Accompanying Print Article on​:

"How to Leverage and Embrace Your Story, From One Author Who Did It"