An Amish Girl in Manhattan: Escaping at Age 15, Breaking All the Rules, and Feeling Safe Again (A Memoir)

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Torah Bontrager

Torah​ Bontrager​ is the author of the memoir An Amish Girl in Manhattan: Escaping at Age 15, Breaking All the Rules, and Feeling Safe Again​​​​​​​ (available online wherever books are sold; in print, ebook, and audio).  She escaped ​from ​the Amish at age 15 and, to her knowledge,​ became the first Amish person to graduate​​ from ​an Ivy League school: Columbia University in New York City with a BA in Philosophy and a focus on Tibetan Buddhism.  You can find her on social media and

Torah has been featured on MTV and and hosts two iTunes/YouTube podcasts, Real Amish and Amish Entrepreneur Show with Torah Bontrager.

She's also the Founder of The Amish Heritage Foundation (AHF). Invite her to speak on Amish issues or to provide training in cultural awareness, female-driven entrepreneurship, and sexual assault survivor advocacy.  


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