All My Ancestors Had Sex

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Susan Emshwiller

Susan Emshwiller is a produced screenwriter (including co-writer of the film Pollock), a filmmaker, a published playwright, novelist, teacher, artist, and short story writer. Her novel Thar She Blows debuted in 2023. Her second novel, All My Ancestors Had Sex, in 2024. Other writing can be found in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science FictionDramatists Play Service, Playscripts, Independent Ink Magazine, Black Heart Magazine, Gone LawnSmoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine, and Anchala Studios Flash Fiction. Ms. Emshwiller was a set decorator for many years in Hollywood and a featured actress in Robert Altman's The Player. Her feature film, In the Land of Milk and Money, a wild social satire, garnered awards and rave reviews at festivals in the US and internationally. Susan has taught screenwriting at North Carolina State University, OLLI at Duke, the Met Theatre in Los Angeles, and in conferences and festivals around the country. She lives with her husband, dogs, and chickens in Santa Fe NM where she enjoys inventing stories and backyard contraptions.