According to Plan

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Erica Damon

Erica Damon is a writer, equestrian, and artist living in Western Massachusetts. Her compulsively creative nature has led to a collection of ‘what ifs?’ and that sense of wonder weaves its way into her fiction. She writes thriller and horror under her name and equestrian romance under the pen name, Isla Ryder. In both genres, her deeply developed characters may or may not always be like-able, and endings are open to interpretation—where the reader must engage with the story. Her goal is always to sweep the reader into her world, keeping it grounded enough in reality that you don't question a moment of the action.

  This is what she loves helping other authors with, as she has discovered that she enjoys reading books in the early stages even more than published ones and helping writers to polish their stories into beauty as a developmental editor. If she’s not writing, she’s likely out riding horses while ideas swirl in the background.