A Day Like Any Other

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            Our family has deep bonds with the sea. Henry Every (born in the Devonshire area of England around 1659) became Captain of the Fancy in 1694. Later, our family had ties to the Cunard Line and came to America from the Dutch West Indies. I grew up in Boston and attended Boston Latin High School. It was there I learned how to write—not the craft, but the lessons from which I drew that craft. Graduating from Tufts University, I reported to Attack Squadron 147 as ordnance officer, making combat deployments to Vietnam aboard the USS America and USS Constellation in 1970, 1971, and 1972. It was during this time I became a Christian. I married my wife, Patricia, in 1974, and we have two sons, both of whom have a deep-rooted affiliation with the sea.

In many ways, I consider myself privileged. As a young boy, I saw the end of the steam era, met men who could do things in the marine world with talent rather than equipment, and later, had the privilege of working with my uncle, the most well-versed man in the marine field I’ve had the privilege of meeting—and more importantly, a man who lived in the world the way God wanted it to be, not the way it was.

It continually surprises me that I enjoy writing as much as I do. While I have always loved to read, I never envisioned myself as an author or anticipated the wild delight I take from writing. I can only hope you derive as much enjoyment from reading my work as I have in writing it. Thank you.