Known Shippable, Will Not Fix

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Roy Russell

Roy Russell is a member of the Gitksan Nation, originally from the small community of Gitsegukla, in northern British Columbia.

In 1995, he won the University of Toronto’s Booker Prize for his submitted screenplay, “Born Indian”, which explored life growing up in a small native reserve.

In the year 2000, Roy left Canada to see what life had to offer in California. He soon met his wife, Lia, and they are happily married living in San Francisco's North Bay.

Roy was soon hired by Visual Concepts and began working on the assorted sports titles published by Take Two Interactive. He worked on popular titles such as 2K Sports Hockey, Baseball, Football, and Basketball games. He then was picked up by 2K Marin, a new studio based out of Novato, and worked on BioShock and BioShock 2.

In 2010, he started work on writing Feast: A Gitksan Story. An exploration of the feast culture he grew up observing as a member of the Grouse Clan. Written in a novel form, it covers the full week of the grieving process the Gitksan people experience from the death of a community member to the eventual laying to rest of the deceased. He hopes readers will find it enjoyable as a narrative experience, and an enlightening peek into Gitksan culture.

Roy still works on software development, computer programming, and spending time with his friends and family in Northern California. He dreams of relocating back to Canada to be closer to family and friends. Where he will no doubt enjoy watching hockey and eating delicious Hawkins Cheezies.

In October 2016 he completed work on his second book, "Known Shippable, Will Not Fix", a science fiction adventure novel of being a lowly Quality Assurance grunt working for a giant soulless mega corporation. Based loosely on the years he was employed by Take-Two Interactive and a short lived web comic he wrote in 2008-2010.