Life's Secret Recipe: Key Ingredients To Help You Overcome Challenges and Achieve Your Dreams

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About the author

Tonya Schumacher

Tonya Schumacher is a God-centered woman who has a passion for the truth, helping people grow in all areas of life, animals, and nature. Her youth wasn’t easy though. Tonya grew up Catholic in a small Wisconsin town to traditionalist parents. She had been a very shy child, whom several kids verbally bullied. Although the effects of the bullying, that would last for many years weighed on her, her smile continued to shine.

Tonya has a quiet demeanor, but she has broken out of her shell and through the effects of being bullied. This turning point in her life began when she went back to college in 2009, joined two national student organizations, and led her local chapters and state organizations to receiving many awards. Tonya has received recognition on the local, state, and national levels, including the “President’s Volunteer Service Award” for her efforts.

Today, Tonya is working on fulfilling her life mission with God guiding her every step of the way. She continues to learn and grow to better serve people, animals, nature, and the planet. All to help them have brighter futures for generations to come.