The Philanthropist

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Roland Lewinsky

Hello everyone. I was born in Lithuania, Europe. I started my professional career as an entrepreneur, but for the last ten years I have been writing books. As it is known, politics seeks to make history meaningful, religion seeks reward, and spirituality seeks understanding.  I chose the topicalities of today's world in political life in the book The Philanthropist, because I think, the artist of these times must raise global political, social and ecological issues and go deep into spiritual things, as man is a spiritual being. The action takes place in America when American President Donald Trump was behind the wheel of the country. So, I am not limited to politics, because I raise other relevant questions of human existence and give answers about it through the imaginary characters of my novel. Undoubtedly, the whole structure of my novel is creatively consistent, but certainly not boring, on the contrary, a reader with a subtle sense of humour will be able to enjoy reading. In my novel, the reader will be able to enjoy family relationships, which I subtly convey through imaginary characters. I have hope that my strong voice in the mouth transmitted through the imaginary characters of the novel will excite the reader up to the depths of the heart, but the most important thing is not to lose philosophical thought and good spiritual well-being. It is always difficult to value one's own creation, therefore judgment of people is required, for if there were no humans, there would be no opinion, so write reviews after my book. I wish you good reading and wonderful impressions!