Tinaree: Forged by Crucible

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Nic Plume

Nic Plume grew up in Germany where twelve years of school English gave her great skills in seeing grammar mistakes in her American friends’ letters but left her unprepared to hold actual conversations. It didn’t help that she had learned Oxford English and they spoke '‘merican'. When she moved to the states as an adult, she set on to change that and used books and movies to expand her vocabulary, though in the beginning it was an extremely slow process that involved the heavy use of a dictionary and the pause button.
As a mother of two and military spouse, Plume devoted 20 plus years to family and service, the last twelve of which she also spent as ‘writer in progress’; honing her craft, researching subject matter, and working with field experts. Now that her husband’s job has quit dragging them all over the US, and they have settled in Alabama, she is able to devote more time to her passion of writing and is finally ready to share her stories with readers.  However, the years of constant relocation have infected her with a severe case of wanderlust. So, she regularly leaves her home base behind to travel and camp with friends, family, and her three dogs, and explores the world at large, which steadily supplies her with inspiration for her more exotic locations and characters.