The Sesquipedalian Notion

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Hrishikesh Goswami

(World Record Holder) (India Book of Records Holder for Poetry) (Creative Endeavour of The Month April 2021 by The Assam Tribune) (Recipient of India Prime Top 100 Author Award 2022) (Recipient of India Star Icon Award 2022)(Author of The Year 2021 Nominee)  HRISHIKESH GOSWAMI is a Contemporary Naturalistic poet from Assam, India who specialises in writing about nature and realism coalescing fiction and non -fiction in a sophisticated blend. Author of The Poet's Words, The Secret: Nature Reveals, Poems for Poets, The Exegesis, 72 Haiku, 51st Tanka, The Sesquipedalian Notion along with Co-Author of World Record Anthology Book – “Bilingual Aesthetics''. Hrishikesh Goswami's poems have been featured in The Assam Tribune, Blue Lake Review, Indian Poetry Review, the Weaver Magazine, Poets India, Soul Connection brought up by Guwahati Grand Poetry Festival, Anthology Still I Rise brought out by Wingless Dreamer, Winter Poems Anthology brought out by Poets Choice. Hrishikesh Goswami has been highlighted by Media Houses such as India Saga, Daily hunt, Spot Latest, Fox Story India, Glamwist etc.  Hrishikesh Goswami is also available in E platforms like Story mirror, Anchor, Spotify, Wattpad, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Breaker, Pocket Cast, Radio Public, All Poetry, Listen Notes, Poetry Soup, Commaful, Hello Poetry, SoundCloud, Poem Hunter etc. for his dear readers. Readers can find further information about the poet in Google and YouTube by typing "POET HRISHIKESH GOSWAMI '' for the same.

Apart from these Hrishikesh’s poems have been critically analysed by Fruit Journal

Manchester (UK), Acorn (A journal of contemporary haiku), The Leading Edge Magazine, BreakBread Magazine and has been published by The Assam Tribune's Horizon and Planet Young, NEZINE (An online magazine), Noverse Foundation and FoxGales Publishers, Poem hunter-The World's Poetry Archive, Cultural Reverence (An International Digital Journal Of Art and Literature), Tech Touch Talk of Kolkata.

 Hrishikesh's haiku poem has been translated into Japanese and published in a traditional Japanese style literary anthology.

Nevertheless Hrishikesh’s poems have been able to gratify the minds of critics to an extent and hopes to improve this range in the upcoming years. A few of his poems have also been widely accepted in Poetry Circles and Forums.