The Spectre of Separation

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About the author

Simon F. Hopes

Simon. F Hopes is an English author known for his St. Ives Tales comedy books and the Sarasan Fantasy saga. He was born in Somerset, England in the early 1970s and attended Wellington School, Somerset, before graduating from Magdalen College, Oxford with an M.A. in Chemistry. This led him to a career in Information Technology, but throughout this time though, he always had another passion…

“Right from the word go, I loved reading and I have fond memories as a kid, soaking up the adventures of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. In my teens I was held spellbound by the great Fantasy epics: Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Terry Brook’s Shannara tales, Raymond Feist’s Riftwar Saga and David Edding’s Belgariad. I loved the conflict between good and evil, especially where there was a real threat present.”

And now?

“As an adult, my tastes have broadened. Though I’m not involved in science anymore, I’m drawn to anything real or fictional about space exploration. I have also become more curious about history - in particular, the things my grandparents experienced in World War II. These real-life tales are both inspiring and humbling at the same time.”

So why did you start writing?

“It was curiosity really… could I write a story to rival one of the greats? Once I started, it just took hold of me and now it’s become a part of who I am. Looking back over the years, I wouldn’t say it’s been an easy ride, but it’s given me so much pleasure I can’t imagine stopping.”

What are your aims?

“For children’s stories, I want to make kids and parents laugh and I want to keep them guessing over the plot. For fantasy, my aim is to set out a sequence of mysteries against an epic backdrop. There will be a very real threat, but I’m not aiming to sicken the reader.

Like many other authors I’m constrained by the realities of the modern world and the need to support my family. I aim to keep improving, to write stories that I’m proud of and to push for recognition, but most of all I just want people to read my books and enjoy them.”