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Michael Boisclair

Michael C. Boisclair was born in Calgary Alberta, in 1963. After an extensive career in food service, Michael and his wife Laura moved to the Dominican Republic in 2011 to begin a new career as resident Missionaries. Coupled with the vision to serve short term missionaries and a desire also to reach people further away, Michael began blogging about the mission Field in 2011. His first book, "The Hunt, Coming of Age" was self published on Kindle in 2012. Since then the couple have been busy building a Mission Team facility to house short term teams who work in the area of the North Coast of the the D.R. Michael's desire to write produced a cookbook of his favorite recipe's and food creations the teams enjoy while staying at Rio Vista Guest House. Marshal Justice was published in August 2020, his first full length western novel.  Now he is on a new journey, an epic one!  Castigator!