The Ghosts in the Glass Tunnels

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About the author

G.F. Brynn

G.F. Brynn saw the Apollo moon missions as a kid and was enthralled by the limitless possibilities of space travel, robotics and invention. He grew up reading exciting science-fiction by Arther C. Clarke, Isaac  Asimov, Edgar Rice Burroughs and the like where unique worlds and beings were written into weird, society-changing stories like ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ at one end of the spectrum as well as fast-paced adventure like the ‘John Carter, Warlord of Mars‘ at the other.  He also liked to tinker for hours on end and build unique mechanical models and robots which fired his imagination to no end. He dreamt of creating all manner of extravagant machines and inventions of his own one day. His later college years involved learning electrical theory, heavy duty mechanics and hydraulics.  He learned to fly small aircraft and as well, and so, what he gained from those many and varied experiences are concepts that could be drawn directly from when writing about the spaceships, inventions and robots in this youthful space-adventure series.

G.F. lives in Canada with his wife and little dog, and has two grown kids who are off and away following their own worthy life-paths now, thankfully.