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Tim Calvin

Tim has always been a creative mind. Going back to elementary school when he and a friend started an imaginary band called The Blind Tigers, he has always wanted to create. In fact, he still has the lyrics to the first song he wrote for that band, and can remember the melody to this day. 
In middle school, Tim learned to play the saxophone and the drums. Later in high school he learned to play guitar. He joined his first not-so-imaginary band his the summer between his junior and senior year. He would go on to play in four more bands as well as to write solo material. He gained mediocre success when his band f/stop worked with Ann Arbor producer Michael Lutz (Smokin’ in the Boys Room) to record a six song EP titled, All in Love is Fair.
When he graduated high school, Tim went to college to study graphic design. Although he never officially worked in the field, he has done a lot of design work for charity, for not for profits and for his own projects. He also owns his own photography business and dabbles in videography.
This should be painting a picture that Tim loves to be in creative situations, regardless of the medium. From writing songs to writing blogs, writing has always been a passion of his. Tim has collected a large number of fictional ideas throughout the past twenty years. However, not being the most avid reader, he was never confident that he could tackle those ideas on his own. Only recently has he begun to put pen to paper (or in this case key to pixel) to create brilliant fictional worlds that make the reader forget the world they know, and get wrapped up in new and exciting, or sometimes terrifying, situations.