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Kim Iverson Headlee

Tina Haydamacha is a writer, and author of the new novel MontyThe Magnificat. Her passion for writing began as a young child waking up in the middle of the night to write her thoughts down on any paper she could find. A plethora of rhythmic poems followed until she discovered creative writing. She was fascinated by the idea of bringing characters to life in a story she created. Inspiration began to unfold while watching her daughter and her childhood friends growing up on the outskirts of Philadelphia. An idea to write a children’s adventure screenplay about the CIA takeover of saturday morning cartoons began to form on a single piece of scrap paper sitting on the coffee table. The story of a group of friends on a mission to save saturday morning cartoons ignited a spark to follow her dream to one day become an author. But, it was the unexpected loss of her tabby cat Monty that gave her the idea to memorialize him in a short story. Her story took on a life of its own and evolved into a magical journey that would bring her beloved Monty back to life in Monty The Magnificat.