Vacation Guru Guide to Budget Travel in New Zealand

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J.B Rosenberg

No. I am not your classic author. I may not have taken writing classes and my vocabulary may not be the most advanced. However, If you love to travel and you love to save money while doing so, then I AM YOUR AUTHOR. There is nothing that I am more passionate about than traveling. However, don´t expect me to share with you stories from what I do on my trips, because honestly, who cares?! What I will share with you is useful information about how to save money on your travels, based on my own personal experience of trips I have built and places I have been to. The information shared in my books has only one objective in mind - saving you THOUSANDS of $ when you travel. 

So please, if you love to travel and would like to have lots of leftover money when you come back home, check out my books. I GUARANTEE they will save you money if you follow my recommendations.