Beyond the Broken Road

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Rain Trueax

All my stories and art works portray the values of self worth, hard work, and community while intertwining the complications of physical attraction, sexuality and outside challenges, whether, malicious or societal. I have eleven contemporary romance novels, two novellas (one of the supernatural sort). My first historical romance, 'Arizona Sunset,' came out in September with the second, 'Tucson Moon', arriving in December. I have in mind a third for that family which should be available by June 2014. Two of my contemporaries, 'Desert Inferno' and 'Evening Star,' follow up on the O'Brian family and where they are today (one still in Arizona and the other in Oregon)

Today, I work from a sheep and cattle operation in the Oregon coast range mountains or on the road in the inter-mountain west via satellite link. My goals are to portray real life, real passion, personal growth and mutual fulfillment for heroes and heroines, using the land and the mysteries that one finds when they stop to look around and listen to local legends.

The romance novel is a bit of a modern fairy tale as it inspires with imagination and emotions. I think of mine as emotional roller coaster rides for the protagonists who take the reader along as they form a temporary partnership when the reader is pulled into the story. When a romantic novel doesn't build that bridge between story and reader, it hasn't fulfilled its highest purpose.

When someone finishes one of my novels, I want them to wish there had been more and sorry it's over but knowing they will read it again someday. I want it to have been an enriching use of their time. Lofty goals? Maybe but without them, what would writing be about?
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