About the author

Lyn Worthen

 As a freelance editor, Lyn Worthen has edited over six million words of fiction for indie authors, and her multi-author anthologies have received awards and acclaim from the League of Utah Writers, the Critters Writing Workshop, and the Horror Writers of America. She is a frequent participant in fiction workshops and conferences, both as a presenter and a student of the craft and business of publishing. She is a self-described "caffeine-to-text conversion unit," which explains how she gets so much done.

Lyn is the editor of the Camden Park Press anthologies:
- Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse (books2read.com/CatLadies)
- Yearning to Breathe Free (books2read.com/BreatheFree)
- Mirages and Speculations (books2read.com/Mirages)
- Quoth the Raven (books2read.com/QuothTheRaven
- Wings of Change (books2read.com/WingsOfChange)
- Love is Like a Box of Chocolates (books2read.com/LoveIsLikeChocolate)
- Love Among the Thorns (books2read.com/Thorns)
- A Year of the Monkeys (books2read.com/AYearOfTheMonkeys)
- How I Got Published and What I Learned Along the Way (www.Books2Read.com/howigotpublished)

Visit her at www.camdenparkpress.com for the latest news!