Early Morning Dew

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Pantas P. Sitompul

Pantas P. Sitompul, known as the pen name, born on 4th of July 1964. During his childhood, he likes to read aphorisms, reading poetry from famous people. While being a student, he often gets flying marks grade, and when as a teenager also like to paint and also as a singer - like Frank Sinatra; he loves the art world in general. Then when adult, he worked as a seafarer who has sailed seven oceans. In his a spare time he took the time to write poems, as an outpouring of his soul. In his youth, he was very religious and as a seafarer, he faced many great natural challenges; where it all had a lot of influence on his writings which were written through poetry. Always trying to give the deepest meaning to each of his works which are his personal collection for four years, and provides a lot of motivation and a fresh inspiration for its readers. He has also received several international awards, such as 'Certificate of Excellence' for participation in 'World Festival Online' dated 28th - 31st August 2016 from Yayati Madan G. Gandhi, and  'International Golden Pen Award 2017' from The Petals of Amaltash of India, and much more not stated herein.