The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was

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About the author

Vivian Ruth Probst

Vivian Probst

. Trained in culture, anthropology, and linguistics with bachelor’s degree in Multicultural Ministries

. 34-year veteran/national trainer and consultant to the affordable housing industry (

. Creator of the endowed CANIF Fund through the Women’s Center of Waukesha, WI

. Creator of gender inclusive WEnglish™ (

. Author/playwright/songwriter/poet (through LifeMark Press): (


Contact for information and events: Sharyn Alden/Sharyn Alden Communications

Anne Wondra:

Life is a miracle and if there’s one that’s been a true and long-lasting one, it’s meeting Anne Wondra. Anne has been my muse, my life coach, my travel companion, editor-in-chief of my written works, and so much more for seven years. She’s a real-life angel who has read everything I’ve written, counseled, supported, and challenged me to keep going.

Anne has her own life coaching business ( and offers courses online, private services over the phone and in person, and yet makes time for the needs of a long-time aspiring author. Always uplifting and fun, without Anne, I could never have accomplished my dreams.

Vivian Probst

Anne’s resume:  Life coach, writer, teacher, creative muse, whose studies, courses, and life’s work empowers divine light and play.  My vision is to live a life of joy that inspires and supports a feminine entrepreneurial spirit.


Photo: Vivian pictured right, Anne pictured left. (TJ Lambert/Stages Photography)