Key's ABC's to Leadership: 26 Principles to Live a Better Life Personally and Professionally.

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Mansfield Key III

Mansfield Key III, known to most as Ole Pete Key, is a Author, a coach, consultant, speech writer, certified HIV/ AIDS Instructor, social entrepreneur, and mentor. Mr. Key is an International Motivational Speaker who is a leading Growth Development Strate‐ gist. He has impacted the lives of over a million people through presentations, programs, and products. His proudest accomplishment other than his relationship with God is his devotion to his loving wife, Sharlene. He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters Erin Ruth and Joi Da’Nae.

​​​​​​​He has provided technical assistance to the Federal Government’s Health and Human Service for all 50 states. He has worked directly with The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in the United States. Pete has also completed consultant work for the Department of Education, Department of Public Health, The Juvenile Justice System, The Foster Care System, the Dream Development Center in Johannesburgh South Africaand Livepool England’s Hope Organization. He has also provided Cultural Awareness Training for Police & Fire Departments. He has He has spoken at the Ryan White National Conference, SAMSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), NASTAD (National Alliance of State Territorial AIDS Directors) and many more.

​​​​​​​While Pete has been successful in many endeavors, he is mostly known for his ability to use music, drama, and motivational teachings to educate and empower people to unlock their potential and determine their destiny. His character Ray Ray, the Drop-Out Bully has been presented at thousands of presentations and impacted lives in schools, churches, and community centers.

​​​​​​​Pete has accomplished several things professionally but his personal life was a complete disaster. The kid who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in a small city called Florence Alabama has not always been a positive person. He spent years of promiscuous living experimenting with alcohol, drugs, and sex after he dropped out of school. Growing up in school he couldn’t read so he struggled tremendously until a teacher name Ms. Stockard gave him some life changing advice. She introduced him to someone who would help him and she gave him a method to helphim overcome his weaknesses in school. Today he is still benefiting from that teacher’s advice that he said he could never repay her for.

​​​​​​​His purpose and passion today is sharing his story and strategies to help others. He believes that everyone has something special, but sometime people just need others to help them discover it. He said he wanted to be a Ms. Stockard to someone else in need because he believes that “Someone’s Destiny is connected to our Assignment.”