Wickedly Wild Tales of Getting Your Half-Assed Hiking On, Bustin’ Out the Dance Moves, and Making Out With Media Critics On the American Trails

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About the author

Sasha A. Rae

Sasha A. Rae has had a love affair with words since the moment she learned what a word was. Her first experiences with writing involved pencils and big swathes of white paper. She then moved onto ballpoint pens and lined notebooks, for which she still has a deep fondness. Nowadays you can find her tapping away at her computer and dreaming up the next thing she wants to share with the world.

But you won't hear a peep about it or about her experiences with anyone or anything until whatever she's thinking about is ready to appear in the form of the written word. It has to have time to be all cooked up in her head first. You just have to wait for it!
Yes, she knows that patience is a virtue almost completely gone in the modern world, but it's a virtue worth cultivating nowadays. You never know what might be worth waiting for :-)

Enjoy the books!