Tales of the Siblings Not-So-Grim

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About the author

Marie Krepps

A mother of four, I live in small town North Carolina and I enjoy writing adult novels of varying fiction genres including horror, contemporary romance, science fiction, erotica, fantasy, and paranormal romance.
Music is a huge part of my life. It truly inspires me to write and there is always a song in my head and in my heart. Dreams also influence my work tremendously.

If I'm not writing an exciting story, I am certainly reading one! Give me a unique story with flawed characters to love. I like to escape in books to worlds beyond reality and create my own worlds as well.
I'm a serious movie buff and I love a good fantasy, horror or sci-fi film! In my spare time, I love watching anime, sewing costumes, gaming, and taking pictures. In 2018 I became the CEO of Hollow Hills, LLC., a small publishing company that specializes in fantasy and paranormal stories.