52 Ways To Fund Your Home Business - Even When You Are Broke, Your Credit Sucks, and All Your Friends Hate You

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About the author

Nike Roach

Nike Roach is arguably one of the most inspiring business coaches in the Home based Business development sector, and one of the most successful small business entrepreneur from the Caribbean and African diaspora.

Armed with a Master’s Degree from North Carolina’s High Point University, Nike is notable for starting a successful home based business from the age of 14, and for his unchallenged ability to inspire home based business owners in their quest for success.

He is the author of several mini literary pieces on Home Based Business Development, and has been honored by many small business development entities, including the Chamber of Commerce, who had bestowed the 2008 ambassador of the Year award upon him for exemplary support to emerging small business owners.

By nature, Nike Roach is embedded with a penchant to help emerging business owners to succeed, and to help people survive challenges of all sorts, regardless of what those challenges may be.

This is evident from the moment he had decided to join the Army Medical Corps andserved as a medical specialist during the Persian Gulf War from 1989 to 1993.
Today, Nike spends most of his time counseling home based business owners, while spending time writing advises for others who may not be fortunate to interact with him in person.

As such, he has embarked on a quest to publish various guidebooks and titles, aimed at helping emerging business owners, and even those who are facing various small business challenges.

And as various economic challenges confronts the average citizen today, Nike remains steadfast in his strong desire to help other people succeed in the current economic climate which he thinks should be used as an opportunity to reinvent their own self.

His various publications on personal business development is testimony to his quest to make every home based business initiative a success.