I Swear I’m Not Insane

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C.M Petersen

A half Dutch, half Dane: Petersen was born in London - making her feel nomadic and never settled. She currently lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend in their tiny apartment, travelling provides her both excitement and comfort.⁠⁠ Petersen was the one who terrified her friends with tales of murder and mystery at sleepovers; the girl in drama club who would recite poems in the most dramatic and compelling ways; the teenager who wrote plots for the best sellers she wanted to see on new releases for that year. And, now the woman and author of a new twisting fictional thriller "I SWEAR I'M NOT INSANE".

Find out more at www.cmpetersen.com and follow her on Instagram @amsterdamauthor

Her debut novel is the 2021 summer read. A present-day tension-building thriller: a tale of friendship, crime, murder, mystery, misery, and more. Cut the suspense with a knife and find yourself lost in the road trip adventure of Mark and Stanley.