Carnal Days

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Vonna Harper

Out of control imagination.

Maybe I should have the words tattooed on me, but then I’d have to try to explain what it means. My imagination or creativity or whatever you call it is beyond my control. I’m along for the ride and what a ride it has been!

I’ve written erotica and erotic romance in nearly every form there is from spanking to shape-shifting, from primitive tribes to science fiction. Many of those books revolve around capture and or submissive themes. I’m intrigued by the dynamics of powerful men and helpless women, how they begin as enemies but eventually realize they fill the emotional holes in each other. Freud, if he hadn’t been so hung up on his crazy belief that only damaged people fantasize, might have tried to understand dom/submissive dynamics. Looks like he left that up to me and other like-minded writers.

My most recent releases, His Purchase and His Filly are spanking stories. They take place in an alternative world ruled by The Society which is made up of the Elites or ruling class and the Others. Needless to say, self-confident male Elites make liberal use of spanking to try to keep spirited but powerless female Others in line. 

I can be reached at and am on Facebook as Vella Munn and Vonna Harper.