Writers Disrupting Publishers: How Self-Published Writers Disrupted the Publishing Industry

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Hercules Bantas

Dr Hercules Bantas has been teaching and reading political science for the better part of a decade. It is his opinion that he is too often immersed in some weighty tome or other, the authors of which always use one thousand words where one hundred words would suffice. It was while juggling no less than three weighty tomes by the same author and trying to understand what the fellow was trying to say that the idea of The Reluctant Geek Guides was born. He is well aware that publishing clearly written and unambiguous guides to important ideas in the human sciences is frowned upon in some circles, but he's going to do it anyway.

For those who want to know these things, Dr Bantas has a PhD in Political Science and a Masters of Professional Accounting, both from Deakin University in Victoria, Australia. He can be contacted by email at hercbantas[at]tpg.com.au.